My Work

a search for how words, how stories can be transformed into images. It's a search for an identity of my own.

Inconspicuous, everyday objects get a added value when placed in a certain context (an image on canvas or a story in writing). This image is no longer personal, it becomes universal, a metaphor that appeals to the viewer's imagination.

My Work

seeks to be an incentive, a testimony which encourages the viewer to place the objects he sees in his own universe, compare them and make them personal again.

The traces of history, of people, are translated into an existential view that emphasises the loneliness of man. Meandering along the path of 'being', of belief and other themes that define my search for an identity of my own, my gaze keeps fluctuating between the serious and the anecdotal side of the various situations.

This search is also apparent in the evenly balancing of lines and surfaces, of drawing and painting (reason and impulse). The pictorial layerdness is a goal in itself and can best be analysed in the different layers of acrylic paint and wax.